<June 23, 2007>

Riveted F-704s

Wow, two weeks since my last update. As I mentioned before, June is a crazy month, and it isn't getting any better anytime soon. I was in Las Vegas last weekend and I managed to get the flu upon my return. Yuk! At least I managed to squeeze in a few hours today. I riveted all the F-704A to the Cs, and the F-704B to the Ds. Interestingly, the instructions don't specically tell you to do this, you are left to figure this out on your own. The good news is that it went much quicker than I thought it would.

I initally just clecoed the parts together, but beleive it or not, it looked like the bolt holes weren't perfectly aligned, so I got out the close tolerance bolts. I didn't to take any chances of introducing ANY misalignment into these parts. Using the bolts should provide for perfect alignedment once riveted. I used all four large bolts for the two sides of the F-7040A, but used only two per side when I riveted the F-704Bs. I used some scrap wood to bang the bolts into and out of position.

Look'n good! They all came out perfect using the gun and tungsten bucking bar. Yes, the anodizing spiders a little when riveting but it is normal.

Once I had completed the riveting of the F-704Ds to the F-704B, I back-riveted the Vertical Bars (F-704G) into place using the very short 426AD4-14 rivets that Van's provides. The shop heads are tiny and look like crap, but it really doesn't matter as the rivets are just holding the bars into position for the bolts that pass through them.

My buddy Chad is going to send me a set of aluminum 1.438" spacer bars (false spars) to use during construction, so I am just going to put these aside and move on to the next task until the spacers arrive. Actually, there really isn't anything else to do with these right now anyway, so I would probably be moving on regardless. Thanks Chad!