<June 3, 2007>

More F-704 Work

Another short day in the shop today, but I am not complaining. Actually, June is going to be a tough month construction wise as my calendar is quickly filling up. I went back to the F-704s today and worked on some of the remaining tasks.

First on the list today, I installed the nutplates on F-704A and B.

I used NAS1097 rivets to attach all my nutplates these days. A few turns with the deburring bit is all it takes to countersink the hole. I had everything clecoed and was just about to squeeze the first rivet when I realized I had forgotten to drill the screw holes to final size before installing the nutplates. Almost an oops!

Next up was the F-782B and F-783B cover support ribs. Donít ask me why, but I enlarged all the snap-bushing holes first. Then I clecoed them to the spar in preparation for drilling.

It took me a few minutes of studying the plans to figure out which holes get drilled to what size, and I made sure to mark the bulkhead before drilling.

I cut one of the 6 foot sections of .063 angle down to make the F-704M web stiffeners. I hope this was the right piece of angle stock to use. Once they were cut to size I drew a line down the center of the flange and used it to align the part before I clamped and drilled it. I drilled the #30s first, before drilling the #19 holes for the #8 screw. Does that make any sense?

I finished all the rib drilling just seconds before being called in for dinner. Perfect timing!