<June 2, 2007>

Installed Control Sticks

Iíve got a very busy weekend planned, but I did manage to sneak out to the shop for a little bit today. I only managed to squeeze in an hourís work, but itís better than nothing.

I installed the sticks onto the control column, but I am a bit confused by this. The instructions tell you to mount the sticks, but then they tell you to remove the assembly from the mounts and put it aside until later. The only problem with it was that I couldnít remove the bolts holding the control column to the mounts without removing the sticks, so I donít get the point in installing it and removing all immediately. I guess it is easier to get the bushings cut and drilled to the right size with the bulkhead on the table, but I really donít know. I made myself a little diagram of the order of the washers I used to mount the control column to the mounts. This should make everything easier to put back together later.

A few seconds on the belt sander was all it took to sand these snap-bushings down to size. They fit perfectly!