<May 27, 2007>

Riveted Firewall

I love riveting! Seriously, it is so nice when you can actually put something together rather than just drilling or deburring. I was quite surprised today, I was able to reach a lot more rivets with the squeezer and longeron yoke than I thought I would be able to.

Without any of the other parts clecoed in place, I started by riveting the bottom and side stiffeners to the firewall, by squeezing the rivets that I could. I have Dan Checkoway to thank for this tip.

With the side and bottom stiffeners now partially riveted, I clecoed the upper engine mount brackets, and related gussets and stiffeners, into place and squeezed the rivets that I could reach with the squeezer. After this picture was taken, I think I was able to rivet one or two of the engine mount/gusset rivets with the squeezer as well.

Once I had squeezed all the rivets I could on the upper engine mount brackets, I installed the lower brackets and gussets. Again, I was able to squeeze all the rivets you see set here. Once these were set, I put the squeezer away and got out the rivet gun and back-riveting equipment for the remaining rivets.

To rivet the inner most rivets on the F-601J angles I had to modify my back rivet set somewhat. First I sanded the collar that stuck out from the white plastic thingy, then I sanded a curve in the end. This allowed me to get the rivet gun and set at the right angle relative the rivet.

The first two (top) rivets went perfectly, however I ran into a small problem with the bottom two. My back riveting set is short enough that the rivet gun interferes with the F-601J angle. Hmmmmmm. I tried to set one of these, but it came out nasty due to the angle of the gun and I had to drill it out, so I left these open for now while I research the best way to do these.

All done, except for the two rivets in each F-601J angle. Notice, that there is no primer on the exposed side of the firewall angles.