<May 20, 2007>

Deburred Firewall Components & Dimpled Firewall

Not much I can say about today’s efforts, just a lot of tedious deburring and edge-finishing.

5/21 Addendum: Unfortunately, today I realized I screwed up by drilling the fuel pump doubler to the firewall. So now I have a bunch of unnecessary holes in the firewall to deal with. Oh well. In addition, I have a new countersink tool and some cutters on order from Brown Aviation Tools, which haven’t arrived yet and I want them before I do the countersinking of the firewall parts. With all this in mind, I think I am going to take a break from the firewall for a few days, chill out over my mistake, and move onto to something else.

I almost had a serious accident in the shop today. I was polishing the edges of one of the triangular firewall gussets when the corner of the gusset got caught by the deburring wheel, torn from my hands, and thrown to the floor at a high rate of speed. It missed my… um… uh…. important parts by just inches hitting the floor extremely close to my feet (and I was wearing sandals). At the velocity it was traveling, I could have been severely injured. Here you can see what the corner of the gusset did to the deburring wheel.

After several hours of dirty work, I wanted to do something more exciting so I dimpled the firewall. I am a little unclear about the orientation of the rivets for the fuel pump doubler , so I left those holes alone for now.

5/21 Update: It turns out that the fuel pump doubler isn’t needed for FI engines, and since I am going to use FI, I won’t need the doubler. Crap! Now I have a bunch of extra holes in my firewall that I have to figure out how to fill. Something didn’t feel right about this when I was drilling it. I shouldn’t have listened to my gut.