<May 18, 2007>

Finished Firewall Drilling & Fabricated F-601Z

Normally by the time Friday rolls around, I am just too exhausted to work on the RV. Tonight was an exception, and was able to finish the firewall drilling and the fuel pump doubler.

5/21 Addendum: As fate would have it, I wasted an hour or so tonight on the fuel pump doubler as it seems that you donít need it for fuel injected engines, only if you are using a carbureted engine. Since I want to use FI, I donít need the doubler. I could care less about the time I spent fabricating the part, but what I do care about is the fact that I drilled it to the firewall. I am not happy that I did this, but it is what it is. Sigh.

I finished the fabrication of the F-601Z Fuel Pump Doubler. Lots of measurements to take and holes to drill in this puppy.

Then it was a simple task to drill it to the firewall.

Important: It turns out you donít need to use the fuel pump doubler if you are going to use fuel injection. I now have a bunch of holes in the firewall that I donít need. Ugh!