<May 17, 2007>

Began Firewall Drilling

We had dinner guests tonight, so it was a real short night in the shop. But hey, a small amount of shop time is better than no shop time! I match-drilled the F-601J Angles, F-601P Spacers, and F-601TD Brake Plate, and that’s about it.

I flipped the firewall over (forward side facing up) and drilled the necessary holes. For tonight I just stuck with drilling holes in fabricated parts, and since it was late, I decided to leave the rest of the match drilling for another day.

I then opened up the pilot holes to 7/16” using my unibit. They came out OK, but just OK. The stainless steel tends to grab a bit and I got a little bit of an edge on one of the holes, but it is acceptable.