<May 16, 2007>

More Firewall Fabrication

Back to work on the firewall. I fabricated the F-601P Spacers, finished up the F-601J Angles, and got the F-601TD brake Plate in place and ready to drill. Overall a fairly simple night without any issues.

I chose to drill the #30 hole on the F-601P Spacers as I thought it would put a cleco in the hole to hold the part in position while the two #40 holes were drilled.

I got the idea of using double sided tape, which I had from the empennage construction, to hold the F-601G and H gussets in place while I clamped the F-601J Angles into position. Good call Mike!

I used the old drill bit trick to assist me in spacing the Angle the specified 3/32Ē from the stifferner.

To center the F-601TD Brake Plate in the correct position, I drew lines on the firewall bisecting the rivet holes, and made corresponding lines on the centerlines of the Brake Plate. Getting the alignment correct was just a simple matter of aligning the lines. Can I say that like that? As is turned out, I didnít need the diagonal lines.

After marking the position of the holes I wanted to drill, I used the double sided tape to hold the Brake Plate in position while I drilled the #30 pilot holes. Now I can back drill the plate without fear of it moving.

I clamped all the spacers, angles and brackets into position in preparation for drilling. I still havenít finished the F-601Z Fuel Pump Doubler, but that can wait a day or so. I was tired so I called it a night at this point.