<May 15, 2007>

Began Fabrication of Firewall Parts

More firewall work tonight. I ordered some new band saw guides today and they should be here tomorrow. Fortunately, I was able to perform a temporary fix for the broken guide so that I can keep on cutting until the new ones arrive. It took stops at three hardware stores today to locate new sanding discs for my sander. It looks like 8” stick-on discs are getting hard to find (locally) and I will probably have to order them online from now on… bummer.

After installing a new disc on the sander I was able to square up the pieces of angle I cut last night for the F-601Js. Then it was simply measure, mark and cut.

Once the cuts were done I knocked down the rough edges with the sander. The parts starting getting hot to the touch, so I left them to cool. I will finish them up on the Scotchbrite wheel tomorrow.

I then turned my attention to the F-601Z auxiliary fuel pump doubler. I measured and cut some .063 to size and marked the locations for the bolt holes, but I stopped there because I am going to save all the firewall drilling for one night. I just noticed that this piece looks out of square in the picture, but I think it is just the camera playing tricks.