<May 5, 2007>

Hollister, CA Lunch Flight

First the bad news... I still don't have my hinges. Apparently, FedEx says they never got the package, while Aircraft Spruce says they are confident they shipped it. Oh well, it isn't a big deal, and the people at Aircraft Spruce have been really nice and helpful. We agreed to give it until Monday, and if the package hasn't shown up by then they will send another piece of hinge. While I am anxious to start the fuselage I am even more anxious to finish the wings. Since I have a long list of household chores I have been ignoring, I am going to take this as an opportunity, while I wait for the hinge, to get some of them done.

Onto the good news. This morning, I was coming back from dropping family off at the big airport and I stopped at the little airpot on my way home. I ran into Leland Collins, a local RV-9A driver, who invited me to ride along to lunch. Um, sure! We flew down to Hollister where we hooked up with Harry Crosby (RV-6), Bob Steffan (RV-7A) and Gary VanRemortel (RV-6A). It was pretty windy, and some of the bumps going over the hills were interesting, but we made it just fine. So even though I probably won't make any construction progress for a few days, today's flight makes up for that.

Headed South. Just over the hills is San Jose and the South Bay.

Lelands RV-9A, Harry's RV-6 and Gary's RV-6A on the ramp in Hollister.

On the way back we passed about a mile west of the Mt. Hamilton and the Lick Observatory.

Almost home. Livermore (KLVK) in the foreground, with Morgan Territory and Mt. Diablo in the distance. It was very bumpy coming in over the hills South of town.