<May 1, 2007>

Deburred & Dimpled W-822PP Access Plates

I ordered my new (wider) hinge from Aircraft Spruce this morning, which with any luck I should have the it within 2 days. However, I must admit, I was slightly ticked today when I received the shipping confirmation from Aircraft Spruce. The hinge was $10, but the shipping was $25. I guess the length of the hinge puts it into the oversized category for shipping, and since Aircraft Spruce doesn't (or didn't) calculate shipping at the time of the order, I was left to find out after the hinge had shipped. Oh well, not much I can do about it now.

While I am waiting for the hinges, I performed the edge-finishing, deburring and dimpling of the W-822 Access Plates. IIRC, the instructions have you doing this way early in the wing construction process, but why? They are just going to sit around getting dusty until you are ready to use them, so I decided to wait until now. Nothing to difficult or exciting, but progress is progress.

Ack! When I entered the shop last night, I turned on the light and reached for the power button for the stereo. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw something run across the top of the stereo and behind the shelf. I hurried to move things out of the way, but it ran out of quickly ran out of sight. Unfortunately, I saw what it was before it got away, it was a black widow spider, and I HATE spiders! I typically wouldn't go out of my way to kill a spider, but this was a black widow and it seemed to be making itself comfortable in high traffic area of my shop. I didn't want to take a chance me or my family getting bit while messing with the stereo, so I stopped at the hardware store on my way home to pick up some spider spray. Normally I would just squash the spider, but it had made it's web in a spot where it could see me coming and if you've ever dealt with black widows then you know they are fast and can scurry away in a in a hurry. The spider spray was necessary to stun or slow down the spider so I could have a chance at getting to it before it scurried into some hidden corner of the garage. It worked, I just hope it doesn't have family!