<April 28, 2007>

Right Bottom Skins - Day 5

After a few days off from the project, I approached it with a fresh mind and body. The good news is that the bottom skin riveting is done! Over! Finito! And I couldn't be happier. All the bending and reaching required to rivet these solo has taken it's toll on my back. Don't worry, I should feel fine though after a glass of celebratory wine.

Overall I am pleased with the results. There are a few shallow dings, but and a few of the rivets had to be drilled out and replaced with Oops rivets (NAS1097), but I could care less. Why? Because it's on the bottom!!!

I then installed the light and lens in the wing before having my neighbor help me put the wing back in the cradle. While he was here, he also helped me with the few rivets I couldn't reach. Now I can officially say I am done with the bottom skin riveting! Whoohooo!

I temporarily installed the aileron (no washers or nuts), and I think I shed a tear or two over the site of both wings in the cradle with all skins riveted. Sniff.