<April 8, 2007>

Bottom Skins - Day 4

I finished riveting the first of four bottom skins today. The riveting has been getting easier and faster as I have moved along. When I was done with all my construction related tasks, I spent some much needed time cleaning and organizing the shop. This place was a mess!

Oops! I put my rivet gun down into the tray of rivets that was sitting on the wing. Thank goodness they didn't roll off the wing.

One skin down, three to go.

Alright, I confess, I am not exactly finished with the inboard skin. There are four rivets along the rear spar in the center of the skin that I couldn't reach. I've asked a friend for some help with these.

Now I have to figure out how I am going to secure the pitot tubing connectors inside the wing. The AL tubing is just bent out of the way for now while I come up with a plan.

I thought I had a brilliant idea. I was going do away with the AN adapter that came with the SafeAir1 kit in favor of putting a bulkhead fitting through the rib nearest the pitot. I would then attach the pitot to one side of the bulkhead fitting, and the brass SMC fitting to the other. As it turns out, the SMC fitting is 27 tpi and the standard AN fitting is 24 tpi so they are incompatible. Back to the drawing board.