<April 4, 2007>

Bottom Skins - Day 2

Another day of bottom skin riveting. I am happy to report that while this isn't an easy job, it has gottem a lot easier as I have progressed outboard. Since I am doing all this riveting solo, it it going to take me a while to complete, but that's ok with me.

I used some duct tape to hold the skin back for riveting. This seemed to work pretty well for me.

I had a few of those little tabs on the ribs that weren't sitting flush against the spar. This makes riveting very difficult as you really can't push the tab against the spar while holding the bucking bar in the wing. My solution was to put a tiny, and I mean tiny, bit of JB Weld between the tab and the rib (but not near the hole) and cleco them together overnight. When I removed the cleco the next day, the tab was in the right position for riveting. Problem solved!