<April 1, 2007>

Miscellaneous Right Wing Work

Today was pretty much a carbon copy of yesterday, but on the right wing. When I was finished with the right wing, I put the left wing on the bench and made my first attempt at riveting the bottom skins (yikes!).

Déjá Vu.

Murphy decided to play a little April Fools joke on me today. I installed and torqued all the z-bracket tank bolts, and on the final bolt, of the final z-bracket, I found the nutplate to be stripped. Ack! I tried tapping it and using a new bolt, but no luck, it was still stripped. When I move the wing for riveting, I am going to take the tank off the spar and rivet a new nutplate into place.

Finally, I get to strart riveting the bottom skins.

Ugh! This was pretty tough, access along the rear spar and between the wing walk ribs is very limited. I managed to get a few rivets set before being called in for dinner. I'll pick up here another day.