<March 29, 2007>

Primed Flap Braces & Drilled Pitot Tube

A few more wing tasks completed today. My pitot tube arrived today, so I drilled that to the mast and I managed to get some primer on the flap braces. Not huge progress, but pretty good for a Friday night.

I hate priming!

After a scrubbing and etching the parts, I mixed the primer up and got out the spray gun (and my protective gear). I will let these cure/dry overnight before I try to rivet them. Because I primed the rest of the wing parts with it, I used the PPG epoxy stuff here. I tell you what, I hate mixing and spraying this epoxy crap! I've been using the rattle-can self-etching stuff for smaller parts recently, and it is sooo much easier. No mixing, no fancy equipment, no waiting hours or days for it to cure. If I had to do it over again, I would have used the rattle-can stuff from the beginning.

The Dynon pitot really fits the SafeAir1 mast quite nicely, perfectly in fact. Now is time to drill... I sure hope I don't mess up a $200 pitot tube.

No instructions are provided, but I started by marking the location where Dynon obviously wants you to drill the mounting holes. Even I can figure that out.

I then transferred those lines to the mast and marked (vertically) where the screws should go.

I am using 6-32 screws to attach the pitot to the mast and the correct drill for a 6-32 screw is #36. I didn't have one so I stopped at the local hardware store on the way home. While I was there I also picked up a 6-32 bottom tap for the holes, and I am glad I did, because a regular tapered tap would have hit the pitot/AOA tubing before the hole was completely tapped. I drilled the first hole using the drill press, but because of the shape of the pitot and mast it proved to be more trouble than it was worth, so I used my hand drill for the remaining holes and it worked out fine. After I drilled each hole I tapped the hole and drilled the mast hole out to to a #? (I can't recall) to clear the screw threads, and inserted s temporary 1/4" long 6-32 machine screw to hold the pitot tube in position while I drilled the remaining holes. So far so good.

All done, it came out great. I will leave the machine screws in there temporarily until I can find some 6-32 button head screws.