<March 25, 2007>

Flap Braces & Small Pushrods

It's been a crazy week around here. After a year of debating colors, my wife and I finally came to an agreement and we decided to have the inside of the house painted. Every night this week I have been busy moving furniture and disassembling things like TV, stereos and computers, so I haven't had much time for building. I did however find a way to squeeze in a few hour in the shop today. I knocked out a few miscellaneous wing tasks in preparation of riveting the bottom skins on the wings, but I primarily focused on the flap braces, which I had forgotten to match-drill to the bottom wing skins, and needed to be countersunk.

I clecoed the bottom wing skins onto and the flap braces onto the wings, and match-drilled them to each other. What else can I say, no rocket science here.

I then removed the flap braces from the wings and used them as a guide to drill some scrap MDF to receive clecos. Then I used the holes in the MDF as guides for the countersink pilot.

Riveting the small pushrods was a small pain, but not bad overall. I just clamped the pushrods in some soft vise jaws and squeezed the 4-12 rivets with my pneumatic squeezer. Two of them tipped a bit, and I had to drill one out, but I was able to salvage the other one. They ain't pretty, but they'll do.

I didn't really do anything here, but I did shoot some primer on my pitot mast. It is steel and I wanted to protect it a bit now that it is going to be mounted.