<March 4, 2007>

Completed Left Flap

Flaps are done... cool! In typical fashion, I was able to bang out the left flap in half the time it took me to do the right flap. I was hoping to get a little more shop time over the weekend, but I had a ton of yard work to catch up on.

I clecoed it all together to ensure it was nice and straight, inserted it into the cradles and then removed the spar to allow access to the inside.

Since it seemed to work well for me, I used the same method to rivet the skins to the ribs that I did when I riveted the right flap. The black stuff is a small piece of foam rubber I used to help stabilize the bucking bar while I riveted. With the foam in place, basically I only had to hold the rivet set against the rivet but I didn't have to worry about holding it into to position (vertically).

The top and bottom skins were done so it was time to rivet the spar and end rib. When I riveted the outboard rib, I used one MK-319BS blind rivet on the far aft hole (I can't recall if it was on the top or bottom), as I had done on the right flap. I probably could have figured out a way to buck a solid rivet, but at this point in the construction process it is all about making it easy on myself and moving on to the next step.

When riveting the spars to the ribs, I didn't cleco the skin to the spar as I had done on the right flap. I was hoping this would make it a little easier to flex the leading edge out of the way, but the difference was unnoticeable to me.

When I riveted the top skin to the spar on the right flap I thought my riveting set-up was slightly less than ideal. Today I dug out all the bucking bars again I tired to find a better solutio. Sure enough, I found that my big heavy bar with its slightly convex face did the job perfectly. I wonder why I didn't discover this the other day? I made sure I put duct tape on the bar to prevent it from scracthing the spar and skins.

Next I got out the squeezer and riveted the hinge to the spar. Two flaps, done!