<February 20, 2007>

Flap Drilling

I finished the last of the flap drilling today. The first thing I did was to match-drill the new skins to the skeleton, then I turned my attention to the the FL-706As and Bs, and I finished out the day by countersinking the bottom flange of the flap spars. Overall a pretty easy day.

After drilling the skins to the skeleton, I clecoed the FL-706Bs to the inboard ribs, then I clamped the FL-706As to the FL-706Bs and into position (on the spar).

I then drilled the FL-706Bs to the rib and to the forward flange of the FL-706As. I realize this may seem slightly out of order to you, not drilling the FL-706As to the spar before drilling them to the FL-706Bs, but it worked for me. Next (not pictured), I drilled two of the holes in the spar (through the FL-706A) in order to hold the FL-706A in a fixed location on the spar with clecos. Now I could remove the skin and drill the remaining three FL-706A to spar holes (but not the inboard three holes for the rib).

With everything held in place by clecos I then drilled the three holes for the rib to spar to FL-706A using a 12" long #30 bit. This process worked great for me and everything fits really well. Maybe I got lucky.

With the rest of the drilling complete, I clecoed the hinge in place to help guide the countersink pilot and countersunk the spars. Easy-peasy!