<February 17, 2007>

Bent FL-706Bs

I had plans with the family today so it was a very short day in the shop. In a nutshell, I bent the FL-706Bs to the prescribed angle. The plans specify that each needs to be bent 6.3 degrees... yeah right! I did the best I could to get to 6.3 but in the end I did it largely by just testing the fit of the parts. Around 6 degrees seemed to work fine for me.

I started by drawing a line where I wanted to place the bend. Exciting stuff... yawn.

I clamped the small end of the part in the vice up to the bend line and then clamped the aft end (long end) between two pieces of wood. The wood provided leverage and kept the part relatively flat during bending. Whoa, that didn't sound right, but I think you get my drift.

Remember this? This was a picture from December 17th of the ski-jump issues I was having with my flap skins. If you recall, Van's replaced the skins, and I finally got around to clecoing on the new skins today.

Much better! This is one of the new flap skins clecoed on the skeleton and you can see the dramatic improvement in the trailing edge fit. In case you are wondering, I didn't bent the TEs in the brake as there really wasn't a need to.