<February 15, 2007>

Ailerons Done!

I managed to git-r-done tonight. After having to redo the aileron skins, it was a great feeling to have these behind me. I almost made a mistake tonight, but I caught it in time. In my haste, I had clecoed the aft bottom aileron skin to the spar without sliding it under the nose skin. I set all of the nose skin counterbalance weight rivets and about 3 rivets on the bottom of the nose skin and rib, when I noticed that the forward edge of the aft skin was exposed (into the wind), D'oh! After a few seconds of panic, I drilled out the three rivets in the nose skin and rib and coaxed the aft bottom skin under the nose skin. At first I didn't think it would go, as the aft ribs were already rivets to the top skin and it wasn't very flexible, but with a little muscle I was able to get in under the nose skin. Thank goodness I caught this before I started riveting the skin(s) to the spar with blind-rivets!

To keep it flat, I clamped the aileron between two pieces of MDF. I used the MDF sandwhich instead of the workbench as the workbench is not perfectly level.

Both ailerons are now done and temporarily mounted.