<February 10, 2007>

Began Aileron Final Assembly

A few hours in the shop today, and decent progress to show for it. I spent a few hours working on the Ailerons today. I was hoping to start riveting today, but I encountered a small issue that I wanted to address and it ate up a little time. When I dimpled the aileron parts the other day it turns out that I had the pressure on the squeezer turned down to 55psi. Ooops! Everything seemed to be dimpled just fine, but since I normally dimple at 90psi, I decided that it would be best if I went back over all the parts and redimpled them with 90psi fed to the squeezer. It would have sucked to have gotten half-way through riveting only to find shallow dimples. Oh well, no harm done, just an hour or so extra time needed.

Once all the dimpling was done, I wiped down the parts with acetone and primed a few of them with rattle-can self etch primer. It probably isn't necessary, but the parts get scuffed and scratched pretty good around the edges during the deburring process. For things like the ribs, I primed only the interior side of the part as the exterior will receive paint someday.

The ribs and the spars got a light coat of primer. I shot the spars along the flanges and the lightening holes where it got scuffed from deburring, while the ribs only got primer on the interior side of the part.

Once the primer had dried, I riveted the nose ribs to the primed counterbalance pipe using blind rivets. You have to bend the rib a touch to get the rivet puller into place, but that is no big deal.

Everything was then clecoed together in preparation for riveting... tomorrow I hope.