<February 1, 2007>

February 2007 Project Update

First, a big thank you goes out to all those of you that have written and called to check up on me. Yes, I am still alive, and no I haven't given up on the project. It's pretty amazing to see the emails start flowing in when I don't post updates for a few weeks. I feel a lotta love in the room right now... sniff. ;-)

I do however have a good excuse for my lack of progress. My wife gave birth to our first child three weeks ago! We have been blessed with a healthy and beautiful baby girl, who, to her mother's chagrin, looks more and more like me everyday. The visting family is all gone (for now) and things are settling into something that vaguely resembles a routine. I am hoping I can make it back into the shop in the next few days, but I doubt I will be able to keep up the pace of progress I have in the past. That's OK, I have more important things to do now. =8^)

Thanks again for your concern. It just goes to show you what a great group of people the RV community is.