<January 2, 2007>

Aileron Counterweights

Now that all the fuselage parts have a home, I got back to the ailerons. Pretty much the entire session was devoted to dimpling the leading edges of the ailerons. I had to improvise a little, but I think it came out OK.

First thing I did today was to countersink the two aileron counterweights. I clamped it to the table, and used my countersinking cutter. This went pretty easy, but I wonder how sharp (or dull) the cutter now is.

I scratched my head for a few moments trying to think of a way to hold everything in place while dimpling. Using a similar method used by other builders, I built myself a little jig from some scrap 2x4. I then taped some scrap dowels to the top of it to keep the pipe from moving.

I ran into trouble here. I have seen where people use the set holder from their c-frame here, but since I don't have a c-frame (I have a DRDT-2) I was out of luck. After a short search in the shop I came up with the idea of using some threaded rod and a coupling. I then fabricated a small busing to hold the dimple die and pressed that into the end of the threaded coupling. Then I inserted the threaded rod into the other end and there you have it, a homemade die/set holder of sorts.

This shot shows how my wooden jig functioned. The dowels made it so that the pipe didn't move at all. I do have good ideas once in a while. While the aileron skin and pipe were in the jig, I gave my homemade set holder a whack with the hammer, with the pipe acting as the female die.

Good enough!