<December 22, 2006>

Aileron Skin Riveting, Bending & Drilling

Ugh! It is now the 1st of February 2007 and I am just getting around to updating the this page. Why has it taken me so long to update the site? You will just have to read my February 1 project update to find out.

Enough about that, back to airplane talk. I started the day by riveting the stiffeners to the aileron skins. Once they were all in place I bent the trailing edges using my new bending brake.

If you recall, I had a problem a few weeks again where I used the wrong material to build the brake which ultimately resulted in me replacing the aileron skins. This time, using the proper materials (2x8 lumber), I had no problems with the bending. Once they were bent, clecoed them to the rest of the aileron parts and match-drilled the skins to the skeleton. Easy-peasy.

There isn't much I can say about this picture. It was taken before drilling started.

The skins have now been drilled to the skeleton, with the holes along the bottom spar being drilled with a #30.