<December 17, 2006>

Flap Skin Fit Trouble

Last week was crazy, but things have calmed down somewhat now... Back to the shop I go!

Tonight, I got back to work on the flaps attempting to cleco and drill the bottom flange of the top skin in place. Unfortunately, thing didn't work out at planned (see below). For some reason, the flaps just won't go together correctly, leaving me with a ski-jump in the bottom skin of the flap. Not good! I tried bending the trailing edge in the brake, but the results were minimal. I am going to send an email to Van's tomorrow.

Yuk, this is no good! The holes in the bottom flange of the top skin won't line up properly with the holes in the ribs/bottom skin. I have to pull/push the flange forward to get the clecos in and this is what I am left with.

Update: Van's responded rather quickly telling me that the flap skins were mis-bent at the factory and informing me that new flap skins were being sent. Thanks Van's!