<December 10, 2006>

Flaps Hinges, Skins & More

While not a marathon building session in the shop today, it was a very respectable day and I was able to accomplish a lot. Unfortunately, my schedule for the next few weeks is EXTREMELY hectic, so I am afraid my shop time is going to be minimal. We will just have to wait and see how it all turns out.

I started by marking the flap hinges for drilling. I found the easiest way to do this was to use the other hinge.

I got every alinged and started clamping, paying special attention to the lateral alingment of the flap hinge. This is the outboard end, but basically I aligned the edge of the hinge with the inboard edge of the spar.

I used a variety of clamps and small pieces of wook cut from paint stirrers so as not to crush the eyes of the hinge.

After drilling, I rough cut the extra length of hinge from the outboard end, leaving the entire length of hinge pin untouched.

Looks good so far, and the hinge operatios is very smooth.

Before clecoing the top skin in place, I drilled one of the holes in each of the FL-708s so that I could cleco it in place. The second hole will get match-drilled with the skin and rib.

I then clecoed the top skin on and match-drilled the top side of the flap. I didn't do row of rivets along the bottom where the top skin wraps over, because I want to bend the trailing edge a bit more to help with the fit.

I repeated the entire hinge process for the left flap and stopped at the same point.

Using my band saw to cut the supplied angle, I started the fabrication of the FL-706A Angles per the dimensions on the plans. I had replaced the blade on my bandsaw two weeks ago and I am glad I did as it went through this angle like butter.

After a little smoothing on the scotch-brite wheel I marked and drilled the first round of #30 holes in both angles. The remaining holes will have to wait until I have disassembled the flap, because they are match-drilled to other components.