<December 9, 2006>

More Flap Shimming

Back at the shim game today. I fabricated the necessary shims for the left flap and drilled the rib and shims to the rear spar.

Today's work got cut short because of a visit from, Trevor, a prospective builder. Don't get me wrong, I am not complaining, I like visits from other builders or prospects. Trevor found my web site and sent me an email with a few questions. After a few notes back and forth he realized that we lived in the same general area of California. Well, after a few more emails he figured out that we might live close to one another. Then, after another email or two we realized we were neigbors. Ha! How funny is that!?!?

Trevor made the two block trip from his house to mine to visit the project. We chatted for a good while and I am happy to say I think he is going to start his RV-7 soon. I think we have another victim!

One down, three to go. This one required .025 while on others I had to use .040. Yea, I know, it is hard to see the shim in this picture. Too bad!

All ribs have now been drilled to the rear spar.