<December 6, 2006>

Started Right Flap

Since I am waiting on my new aileron skins, I started the flaps. Not much exciting to report, I just followed the directions.

I started by drilling the ribs to the flap spar. Since there are only two rivet holes for each rib-to-spar, I clamped the rib flange in place while I drilled the holes. I also clecoed the bottom skin in place to assist in holding everything together.

Per the plans, I fabricated the FL-708 spacers form .025.

Ugh, the rear flange of the ribs weren't touching the rear spar (skin). This is a common issue, in fact it is so common, the istructions basically admit it won't fit out of the box. I will have to make some shims to fill the void.

I used the FL-708 as a thickness guauge, and sure enough, .025 seems to be the right material for a few of the shims. There are a few however, that look like they will need .040.

Um... Uh... this picutre really doesn't portray anything rather than the right flap skeleton clecoed together. I called it quits at this point. I will come back tomorrow and fabricate some shims.