<November 30, 2006>

More Aileron Drilling

More aileron work tonight. My replacement aileron brackets came in today, or so I thought. I ordered and paid for W-413B-L but received W-413A-L... Ack! I will have to call Van's tomorrow to get the correct part shipped.

Using the same method as last night, I clecoed the right aileron leading edge in place and drilled the counterweight. When I was finished, I tossed the used and now dull #30 bit into the scrap pile.

I was able to drill the little tabs on the outside of the aileron ribs with a 6" bit.

At least Van's sent one of the correct parts. I deburred it and drilled it to the assembly, but I will wait to prime it until I get the correct part from Van's and can prime them together.