<November 28, 2006>

Aileron Skins & Spars

After a few unplanned days away from the shop I have calmed down somewhat over the aileron skin issues from the other day. I am still not happy with the results, but at least I am calm. I now realize the problem was in my brake. 3/4" MDF was just too thin and it bent under the load causing the ailerons to bend unevenly along their length. Oh well, there isn't much I can do about this now.

In a better frame of mind about this I decided to address the ailerons issues. I clecoed them to the spar and used my hand seamer to squeeze the bulges in the trailing edges down a bit. I was actually quite surprised at how much the situation improved, but in the end I still feel they could be better. For all practical purposes the ailerons are probably fit for flight, but that doesn't mean I am happy. I may order new aileron skins, but I am going to sleep on it.

I then riveted the A-408 stiffeners to the aileron spars and then used oops rivets to attach the nutplates to the spar assemblies.

The aileron ribs were then clecoed to the spar assembly for drilling. It was late so I stopped here.