<November 24, 2006>

Riveted Left Aileron Attach Brackets & Gap Seal

It must have been the lingering effects of the food induced coma I was in yesterday because today started out rough. I started by attempting to countersink the prescribed holes in the flap attach brackets. I don't know how I did this, but I countersunk the wrong piece, then to make matters worse, I did it again on the next bracket. Holy cow, can I be dumb sometimes! I took a deep breath, collected my thoughts, and successfully countersunk the next two brackets. I am going to have to order new parts from Van's on Monday... D'oh!

I riveted the first bracket to the wing without issue. Hint... don't forget to countersink the outboard bottom hole. I thought about this for a few seconds and decided that shooting and bucking these was the way to go. I decided to shoot from inside the wing as the clearance was good and it kept the factory head on the thinner material (spar). All went fine, with no issues.

No problems here either. After using the squeezer to rivet the bracket assembly, I shot the bottom row of rivets (bracket to rib) with the rivet gun inside the wing. It was very easy, and they all came out perfect.

Same here, I shot the rivets from inside the wing to keep the factory head on the thinner spar.

I then used the squeezer to attach the gap seal to the wing. After setting a few rivets I realized I should have used the edge-forming tool on the spar side of the gap seal as I got some very slight puckering/pillowing of the flange between a few of the rivets. Oh well, no big deal, nobody will ever see this.