<November 21, 2006>

Drilled Aileron Brackets, Gap Seals & Flap Braces

Now that the wings are in the cradle I started in on the ailerons and related stuff today. Drilling the aileron brackets, aileron gap seal and flap brace to the wing. Not much to say about that, so I will leave it for the pictures.

When I placed the outboard aileron attach brackets on the spar I noticed that I wasn't getting a good fit on the top side of the wing. If you look closely, you can see a small gap between the bracket and the spar. You can also see where the bracket was hitting the shop head of the last (outboard) rivet. The was easily solved by taking a little bit off the top of the bracket with the deburring wheel, as well as rounding out the top-front edge of the bracket assembly.

After a little muscle to get the bracket into the correct alignment I dilled the bracket to rib holes.

As prescribed, I connected the dots and cut the excess material from the flap brace.

I then clecoed and drilled the aileron gap seals and flap braces to the wings, easy-peasy. I then took everything apart and deburred the all the holes.

I saw this on Matt Burch's site, and thought it was a great idea... I used some spare bolts slid into the spar attach holes to prevent the wings from sliding out of the cradle if bumped. The bolts were much smaller than the holes so there was no issue getting them in.