<November 12, 2006>

Completed Left Top Wing Skin Riveting

After spending some time in the yard this morning, I turned my attention to the finishing up the riveting on the left wing. The only riveting remaining was the skin to rear spar and the inboard rib, but those can be accessed with the squeezer so it is a solo job.

Looks good. I had to got up a size in length (4 to 4.5) on a few of the rivets but I would suspect that is because I applied primer too thickly in a few places. A few of the inboard rivets (along the rear spar) required me to shoot and buck them. It was a bit tricky because they are so close to the spar doubler, and the top flange or the spar is angled towards the doubler. I ended up grinding down the edge of one of my bucking bars to allow better access. If you look closely at the top end of the middle bucking bar in the bottom picture on this page, you might be able to see where it has been ground down.

I don't know why I even bothered trying to back-rivet. The results we got with the shoot-and-buck method were excellent using the 1" flat mushroom set from Cleveland.

Here is a weight comparison of three of my bucking bars. The left weighs 432g (0.95 lbs.), the middle 898g (1.98 lbs.) and the tungsten bar on the right 738g (1.62 lbs.). When you consider the size of the bars, it is amazing how much more mass the tungsten bar has. After you use the tungsten bar for even a few rivets, you would swear the other bars are made of aluminum when you pick them up. The tungsten bar was delivered at 768g (1.68 lbs.) but I ground a little off one end at an angle to further improve the utility of the bar. YMMV.