<November 9, 2006>

Began Wing Skin Riveting

I worked from home today, and at lunch my buddy Dan stopped by to say hi. I really wanted to see how back riveting the wing skins would go so I asked him if he wouldn't mind helping me for a few minutes. He obliged, but after back-riveting three ribs, I wasn't happy with the results. The long back rivet set was absorbing too much energy and a few of the rivets came out sub-optimal. Overall it went OK, but just OK. The rivets where the wing walk doublers attach are maybe just a tiny bit short, probably due to parts being primed, and because the back riveting is essentially pushing the rivets out of the hole, I found it hard to get the shop heads to spec. It was worth a try but I didn't like the direction it was headed so we stopped. I had to get back to work anyway. I am going to look into this back-riveting thing further.

While some of the shop heads weren't perfect, the skins sure stayed nice an smooth through the back-riveting. I used some white Scotchbrite (fine) to buff out some of the small marks left by the back riveting plate (bucking bar).

Later that day I shot some primer on the aileron spars where the doubler plates attach.