<November 3, 2006>

Aileron Stiffeners & Left Spar

As the title says, I started the aileron stiffeners and the left aileron spar tonight. I got tired of deburring the stiffeners so I only did the deburring on what will be the left stiffeners tonight.

I used the band saw to make all the stiffener cuts, then a pass on the belt sander to get the big chunks off, followed by the visit to the deburring wheel to finish the edges smooth. After the rudder and elevators, this is nothing new.

I then match drilled the stiffeners to the aileron skins.

The instructions tell you to "fabricate" the A-408 reinforcing plates from .040, but according to my friend Chad Jensen, the factory provides these four square pieces already cut to size. I had to do a bit of searching around the shop until I found these four unlabeled pieces of AL. I would have just used scrap to make these, but thanks to Chad the job was a little easier.

I then drilled the holes in the A-408 using the spar as a template. For the AN3 bolt holes I used my 3/16" reamer, rather than a drill bit, to enlarged the holes (from #30). The reamer made the holes nice and smooth, round too, and the bolt fit snug with no play. Very cool!