<November 1, 2006>

Deburred Aileron Brackets

Would this classify as deburring or edge finishing? I don't know, and I don't really care. I am waiting for help to rivet the wing skins, so instead of doing nothing tonight, I took a few minutes tonight to deburr the aileron brackets. These things were nasty, with tooling marks all along the edges. They look much better now.

I hit the edges with the belt sander first, then the deburring wheel.

My rivet gun with the long offset back riveting set and bucking bar. I was hoping to get started on riveting the wing skins tonight, but my riveting partner has been busy. It will just have to wait another day... or two.

Edit: Read subsequent days for additional information, but I scrapped the back riveting in favor of the regular shoot and buck method using a flat mushroom set.