<October 28, 2006>

Riveted Right Leading Edge to Spar & Left Top Wing Skins Clecoed

Wow! Big big day in the shop today. I spent about 8 hours working on the project today. It was great to get that much time in as I haven't had a big day like that in a while. The right leading edge and tank went on today, I primed some of the lighting parts, and I got the top skins on the left wings.

My hands had recovered enough from the other nights rivet pulling session to give it a go on the right leading edge. First I clecoed it in place, making sure the skin/spar holes aligned correctly.

I was a little smarter today. Instead of riveting from the outside ribs in, I worked from the inside out. This way my hands weren't fatigued for toughest ribs. No problems were encountered, but I am glad this is done.

I took a break from the riveting to scrub and clean the light frames in preparation for priming.

I then squeezed all the rivets along the skin/spar flange. I had to switch yokes to get this rivet because one of the bolt for the tie down bracket was in the way.

Time to mount the tank! Overall I am very happy with the fit. Since I might try to improve the fit later I only put about half the screws and bolts into place.

A bit of pillowing on this side too, but it's very minor. I was able to improve it by hand after this picture was taken.

My shop helper Sonoma on a break (again). I am tired just looking at her.

I am just happy to have both leading edges and tanks up off the shop floor. They were always in the way.

I got to use my new spray gun for the first time today, and while the results are good, there is still some tweaking of the settings I could do to get better results. I applied a heavy coat of white primer here because you will be able to see these if you look through the lens and wanted them to have a clean painted look.

I then sprayed a light coat of some rattle-can (self-etch) primer along the rivet lines of the left side top wing skins. Why? There were some scratches in the metal from construction and I wanted to cover them.

I taped off and primed the scarf joint and lap joint on the left top skins.

All clecoed and ready to rivet!!!