<October 27, 2006>

Left Leading Edge Fix

I did some research today and found that a few other builders had encountered the gap I saw last night at the leading edge, spar, tank union. The solution is simple, install a shim between the rib and splice plate. Easy enough.

After drilling out the aft three rivets the extent of the issue can be seen. To the scrap pile to fabricate a shim.

Here is my shim, actually this is the second of two attempts. Once I was satisfied with the hole locations, I use the belt sander to make it into a wedge shape. After shooting it with a touch of rattle-can primer, I riveted it into place with the rivet gun and bucking bar. The marker on the skin was just my way of graphically representing the scope of the issue.

Muuuuch better!

Using my hands I formed the tank skin and managed to improve the fit a little. I will look into a better solution later.

I installed only half of the screws and bolts for now, but it sure is great to have the leading edge and tank on the spar with no clecos in either! Whoo hooo!