<October 25, 2006>

Left Lens Re-Do

My replacement lens came in from Van's today so I got to work installing it. I knew I had to be careful here because I had already enlarged the holes in the skin to #30. Again, I deviated from the instructions.

After shaping the lens on the band saw and sander taped the edges and made the tape handle. I then called my neighbor Jeff to come over and give me a hand holding the lens in place while I match drilled. Jeff held the lens tight while I put a divet in the lens with a few turns with a #30 bit, then followed by drilling through the lens with a #40. Why? If you recall, the skin was already #30 from the other night, so starting with a #30 gave me a center point for the #40 bit to drill into without wandering in the #30 skin hole. Why drill #40? So I could countersink the lens with a cutter with a #40 pilot. Once the drilling was done, I countersunk the holes in the lens, enlarged them with a 5/32" plastic bit, and dimpled the skin with #6 screw dimple die.

I then enlarged the screw holes in the retaining strips to 5/32". I circled the holes I was supposed to enlarge just to be sure I drilled the right ones.

I then test fit it all together and to my surprise it all fit with no issues. Jeff brought over his mad-scientist magnifying glasses to see the cracks in the old lens, but used them to give the new lens a thorough inspection.

Looks pretty good!