<October 24, 2006>

Completed Right Lens

When I had drilled cut and drilled the right lens the other night I stopped short of dimpling the skins for the screws. I am waiting on a replacement lens for the left, so I made it a short night tonight. The instructions for the lights say to enlarge the holes and dimple using #30 drill and #30 dimple die, but after doing a little research online today I decided to use a #6 screw dimple, after all it is a #6 screw that holds the lens in place.

The first thing I did was enlarge the holes in the skin to 5/32" (the correct hole for a #6 screw).

I dimpled the skin (with #6) and countersunk the lens. I forgot to take pictures, but deviated from the instructions a lot during this entire process. Since I don't have a countersink cutter with a 5/32" pilot, I decided to countersink the lens first using the #40 hole in the lens to hold the pilot of the countersink cutter. This worked great, and once I was done countersinking I enlarged the hole in the lens to 5/32" using a plastic bit. The plastic bit made a big difference, no cracks this time. Also not pictured, but I enlarged the screw holes in the retaining strips to 5/32".