<October 19, 2006>

Cut & Drilled Right Landing Light Lens

As the title says, I worked on the left landing light lens... wow, that a lot of L's. I tried to protect the lenses from scratches by coving them with tape, but in the end I think this was more trouble than it was worth. Read on...

I covered both sides of both lenses with tape. The only problem is, now I can see through the lens to see what I am doing.

I drew some reference lines on the skin where I wanted to trim the blank lens. I then laid the lens in place and transferred those lines to the lens.

After my trimming, this is what I was left with.

I removed the tape from the exterior of the lens and using the tape handle method called for in the Duckworks instructions, I drilled the lens to a #40. The fit isn't 100% perfect, but it is pretty darn good. It seems that there is just a very slight difference between the contour of the leading edge and the contour of the lens. I might see if I can improve things by hand, but I am not going to worry about it too much.