<October 15, 2006>

Scarf Joint & Right Spar Countersinking

If you are another builder, I realize that the order of some of my wing work may seem a little strange. I perform tasks as space, time and my whim permits, but I assure you there is a method to my madness. Today I focused on the scarf joint for the left bottom wing skins, some right wing countersinking, and a little bit of riveting on both wings. See... I am all over the place.

The left bottom outboard skin was first. I clamed it to the bench and using my vixen file and a very light touch, I beveled the edges a bit. Once I was done with the file, I used 2" Scotchbrite Roloc discs in my die-grinder to really smooth it out.

Same procedure for the inboard skin, just a smaller area. This scarfing stuff is a lot easier and quicker than I thought it would be, and I am really pleased with the results.

Next I countersunk the right spar for the skins. Not much to say about that, but it sure it a lot of holes.

To finish out the day I installed rivets in these holes (for lack of a better term). The plans/instructions have you leaving these empty, as they are covered by the tank skin, but why not put rivets here.