<October 14, 2006>

Cut Light Hole in Right Leading Edge

After the first one, the second attempt should be easier... and it was. I am talking about cutting a hole in the leading edge for the landing light(s). I cut the first one (left) the other night, and it went fine, but this second one (right) only took about half the time. This was partly dues to tool selection, but confidence also had a lot to do with it.

All marked (using the template) and ready to cut. Measure twice (or three time) and cut once... correct?

After using my Dremel tool and a cut-off wheel to make the first pass, I used a 1" sanding drum that I picked up at the local hardware store today. I could have just used the small drums with the Dremel tool, but the 1" size seemed to suit this task better as I seemed to have more control.

With the 1" drum I was able to get right up to the line. This picture was taken early, I actually went back to work with it and sanded almost the entire line away. That left me with very little finish work to do.

After a couple of passes with some light sandpaper and Scotchbrite, it was good to go. The edges are silky smooth.

I then deburred the interior light parts. I want to prime these white before installation to give it that nice clean look.