<October 9, 2006>

Riveted Right Leading Edge

This is the last leading edge (or tank) section I had to rivet, and boy am I glad it is done. It isn't that it was a horrible experience, but I was riveted the tanks and the first leading edge solo, and my arms and back hurt for a day afterwards. It is hard reaching into the leading edge with one hand, while holding the rivet gun with the other. This is starting to sound like whining, so I will leave it at that.

After screwing the leading edge cradle to the bench, I used a short section of rope to secure the leading edge into the cradle. This wasn't tight, it just prevent the leading edge from slipping while riveting.

All done. I was getting tired, and should have stopped, as I put a ding in the top skin on one of the last rivets. Argh! It isn't deep, in fact it is barely noticeable, but I know it is there.

It sure is a nice site to see both tanks and both leading edges on the spars with no clecos in them.