<October 4, 2006>

Left Landing/Taxi Light & Skin Prep

Originally, I wasn't planning on going out the shop tonight, but my friend and neighbor Jeff called and said he could lend a hand for an hour. Who am I to turn down such a gracious offer? Jeff is an A&P and helped me smooth out some bump in the ribs before we turned out attention to the prep work for the left landing/taxi light.

I am installing Duckworks rectangular lights in both wings, so before the leading edges get assembled I thought it would be easier to do the rib drilling now. Using the supplied templates we marked the holes and drilled for the nut plates. If you are doing this before leading edge assembly, as I did, be sure you mount the nut plates on the correct side of the rib.

Say hi Jeff! Jeff comes over to help me and this is the thanks he gets... his mug posted on the internet. Thanks for the help Jeff! I wonder if he will offer again after seeing this picture? ;-)

After Jeff left, I took a few minutes and sprayed some primer along the rivet lines of the leading edge skin. I wasn't going to prime the inside of the skins, but there were a few scratches from the ribs that were sort of nasty and I wanted to be sure to cover those. Before I sprayed the primer, I took some scotchbrite to the scratches to smooth them out a little.