<September 30, 2006>

Joiner Plate, Scarf Joint & Dimpling

I got to work on the W-423 Joint Plate and top scarf joints the left wing. While I am technically building both wings at once, I've sort of stuck with working with one at a time for now. This way I don't get parts confused or have to store skins and ribs all over the place. It works for me, but sometimes I think it would be easier to be doing the same tasks for both wings at the same time.

After dimpling the screw holes, using a sacrificial nut plate and screw I drilled the holes for the nut plate rivets. Once finished with the drilling, I countersunk, yes countersunk, the rivet holes in the W-423 for "Oops" (NAS1097) rivets. I think the Oops rivets provide smoother results, and this way I don't have to dimple the ears of the nut plates.

Once it was all dimpled and riveted, I gave it a coat of SEM self-etching primer. Then, once dry, I used my deburring/countersinking bit to clean up the holes for the skin. This should help the dimples in the skin fit a little better.

I then turned my attention to the scarf joint. I thought this was going to much more difficult that it was. First I took the area down a little with the vixen file (be careful), then followed with roloc scotchbrite discs of successively lighter grits mounted in my die-grinder. Easy-peasy!

Voilá! It is hard to tell from the picture, but this came out perfect, IHMO.

One the top skins were all scarfed, I dimpled the bottom skins. You know the drill.

Another pretty California sunset. Sometimes I like having the shop face West. Ok, time for dinner.