<September 23, 2006>

Dimpled Left Top Wing Skins

I admit, not much progress for a Saturday, but I have an excuse. I was spreading the RV gospel to John, a prospective RV-9 builder. John had taken an RV construction class taught by Dan Checkoway a few weeks ago, but wanted to see a project up close and personal. When he he found my web site, and realized we lived close to one another, he contacted me to arrange a visit. I gladly agreed to give him a project tour and demonstrate some of the tools of the trade. John was a real nice guy and left my house eager to start his -9. Before leaving, John graciously agreed to help me dimple a few of wing skins. While it was the only progress I was able to make today, I didn't mind, I got to spend the day talkin' RVs.

I am writing this several days later and I am proud to say that today I got an email from John telling me he ordered his tail kit... way to go John!