<September 20, 2006>

Deburred Left Wing Skins

You don't realize how many holes there are in the wings until you have to deburr them. An easy but tedious evening in the shop today. I removed the blue plastic from the left wing skins and deburred all the holes. Fun? Not really.

After leak testing the left tank the other day, I left the pressurized tank to sit in the shop for a day. When I returned the baloon had deflated. I wasn't too concerned about it, but I would rather be safe than sorry. I got a new baloon and attached it to the tank with a little bit of AL tubing in between. The tubing made it a lot easier to secure the baloon, and the new baloon stayed inflated for 24 hours with no reduction in size. Now I can definately say, there are no leaks.

I used a piece of PVC pipe to remove the blue plastic making sure to label the skins.

All done, tomorrow I will start edge finishing the skins.