<September 1, 2006>

Leak Tested Left Tank

10 days since my last post... holy cow, how time flys! We've had family in town for a week so I haven't gotten much building done, but I am getting anxious to get back at it. I started the day with my local EAA breakfast and then I worked my way over to the airport to help man the chapter's Young Eagle table at our airport's open house. I was georgeous out today, but after a few hours at the after a few hours in the sun I was ready to get back to work and finish up these tanks.

This is Harry Crosby's RV-6... nice huh?

Back to business. It was time to leak test the second (left) tank. I istalled the leak test kit from Van's and taped a baloon onto the vent line. After I filled the tank with air from my bicycle pump, I sprayed the tank down with soapy water from a spray bottle.

I couldn't find any leaks other than where I had taped the baloon onto the tank, and that leak doesn't matter. It is really hard to see in this picture, but there are bubbles forming around the tape. So far, this was the only leak I could find.

After a few more minutes of spraying and searching (for leaks) and not finding any, I declared victory and washed the tank off with the hose. The tanks are officially done... No more gray goop... Whooohoooo!

I set the tanks onto the spars and they are lookin' good! Now onto the wing skins.